4 Effective Leadership Behaviors in HR Post Pandemic

What leadership behaviors do you need to develop?

I believe that the following essential leadership behaviors are needed for HR leaders to create a trusting environment for remote work and the post-pandemic workplace. These leadership behaviors speak to the contextual focus of leadership, that is, focusing specifically on the post-pandemic context.

#1—Empathetic Leadership

Now, more than ever, it is critical for leaders to reinforce their empathetic skills. The changing environment presents new challenges for the workforce, which leaders need to be able to manage. Think about managing work-life balance, which can be extremely difficult for some as the home has now been converted into a workplace, blurring the lines between their families and work. Some of the unintended consequences of employees working from home include working longer hours to keep up with the workload and other matters of urgency. If a leader does not see and understand how these new challenges will affect their employees, they are more than likely to have a fatigued workforce that is too exhausted to perform.

#2—Ethical Leadership

One of the most important leadership behaviors to develop is to perform ethically. Leaders that own this behavior are more likely to create a trusting environment for both managers and their team. It is not enough to develop a robust ethical process; leaders must be able to implement this and monitor it effectively.

#3—Feedback Centric

We need our leaders to be feedback-centric, as this will drive an open communication channel that will motivate and improve employee morale. The ability to provide feedback and receive it as a leader will benefit your organization in the complex environment that we will be operating in the post-pandemic time. Because we live in a data-driven world, which can clutter and demotivate a workforce, the ability to reassure in an honest and goal-driven manner will be valuable to your organization.

#4—Network Leadership

Leaders need to be focused on building, enhancing, and managing relationships both within and outside of an organization. Collaboration on ideas and projects and support for colleagues and clients has become even more critical in this post-pandemic time.

The pandemic has changed how HR should see their roles. Carrying effective leadership behaviors will add to the advantage of being a successful leader in the current environment. It is very important to establish a functioning leadership framework using tried and tested methods to ensure that you are putting the right people in place, who will be able to handle a post-pandemic workplace.

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